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Skyspan Umbrellas - The Wave of the Future

Skyspan Umbrellas - The Wave of the Future
Skyspan Umbrellas is an Australian based company with its head office located on Brisbane’s south side with Skyspan USA, based in Carrolton, Georgia.

Skyspan became industry leaders in Australia in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial and residential shade products. A philosphy that basically set out to manufacture and produce the most durable umbrella line, while maintaining a high artistic visibility.

Each Umbrella is wind rated to over 75mph when open and over 93mph when closed. This allows businesses to be comfortable with their umbrellas open on days when most places must take them down due to high winds.

Especially ideal for restaurants or resorts on the water, where wind speeds can change dramitically within seconds and cause serious damage to lesser umbrella lines.

The beautiful conic shapes of the umbrella, gives the Skyspan line a unique identity. One that brings a touch of art and style to any business or home.

Skyspan is constantly working to provide a pioneering design approach, precision engineering and reliable delivery of free standing architecturally designed commercial umbrellas and tensile membrane structures of all sizes.

Skyspan is an international company with offices ithroughout the world, including Asia and Europe and the United States. Making Skyspan a truly global umbrella line with local support and knowledge to each and every one of our clients.

Over the past 15 years Skyspan has continued to grow and push the boundaries of umbrella / shade design and manufacturing.

Skyspan will continue our commitment to build strong relationships with our clients, customers and staff empowering us to expand and lead the shade industry to grow to new heights with precision and reliability.

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