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Usually the best way to support hammocks -hamacas or chairs is to make use of existing vertical or overhead horizontal supports such as walls, ceilings, posts or trees. • To support the more comfortable non-spreader bar hammocks, A stand with high attach points is recommended. • To support spreader-bar hammocks (i.e., Nicamaka®'s "Playa22" or Hatteras Rope Hammocks), the low-attach up-from-floor stands are recommended. • To support most chairs or swings, (i.e., Nicamaka®'s Granada, Tipitapa or Mombacho Chairs, the "Victorian", "Air Chair Straight" or "Air Chair Scorpion" stands are recommended.

NicaStand-II  - In STOCK
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Hatteras Tri-Beam® Bronze Steel Hammock Stand
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