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Nicamaka Sprang-Woven Hammock products begin with factory-dyed, high quality imported polyester, polycotton or cotton yarns. Artisans skillfully twist these yarns into cords, sprang-weave them into transverse-stretch beds, crochet the side coverlet borders, and perform all of the adjustment, detail & finish work by hand. It can take more than thirty hours to make a Nicaraguan hammock, and the resulting Nicamaka® brand hammock is a beautiful, durable, quality Central American hammock you will be proud to own.

These sprang-woven hammocks are offered in two basic styles: hammocks without spreader bars (the most comfortable and practical) and hammocks with spreader-bars (added decor of hardwood bars).

CAUTION: Some Nicaraguan hammock makers produce sprang-weave hammocks with lower quality materials and workmanship. Lower grade yarns - and lower quality dye processes - often result in yarns that will bleed and fade. These practices may lower the price of a hammock, but they also lower the quality of the hammock itself. Always buy Nicamaka® hammock products to be certain of a quality hammock purchase.

NICAMAKA FAMILY HAMMOCKS - Our Largest Sprang-Weave Hammocks
"Family" is the largest Nicamaka® sprang-weave hammock model.
NICAMAKA COUPLES HAMMOCKS - Large Sprang-Weave Comfort
Nicamaka Couples sprang-weave hammocks are Nicamaka's most popular size - cozy for two & ample for larger bodies • These couple-size hammocks are the ultimate in useful furnishing - economical, attractive, colorful, safe and comfortable • Hanging Length 14 FT •
NICAMAKA SINGLE HAMMOCKS - Personal Sized Sprang Weave Comfort
The Nicamaka SINGLE is a personal-size hammock. It's the ideal size for a child's room, college dorm, guest room, small porch - most anywhere a "hammock for one" is desired. These hammocks are comfortable and decorative, with a beautiful hand-crocheted border.
NICAMAKA CABIN HAMMOCKS - Personal & Practical Sprang-Woven Comfort
• "Cabin" is without crochet coverlet borders or decor detailing • Ideal for your base camp cabin or on your boat or trawler • Cast-nylon support-eye thimbles • Hanging Length is 13' (4.0M); Bed Length is 96" (2.45M); Weight is 5# (2.3K •
Comparison Chart - Nicamaka Sprang Weave Hammocks
Chart comparing the characteristics of the Nicamaka hammock models to aid in selection.
Nicamaka TRINIDAD Cross Weave Brazilian Style Hammock
• Trinidad Hammock • Beautiful Brazilian Style Hammock • Simple • Elegant • Weight Capacity is 450lbs • Bed length is 8' • Bed Width is 5.5' • Overall Length is 13' • Brilliant Colors • Red • Blue • Green • Ecru •
Hammock Chair Granada-34 - Arched Frame & Sprang Woven Seat
Nicamaka's novel, elegant and practical hammock chair. The support frame has an old-world charm and grace - its inward curved seat attach points create a cozy, space-saving chair system for nooks and corners.

The graceful and strong support arch also allows easy seat removal and change. The sprang-woven seat hangs vertically when not occupied.
Nicamaka Mombacho Hammock Chair - Wood-Braced Chair with Sprang-Woven Seat
The Nicamaka® Mombacho 43" wide hammock chair offers more shoulder space and an elegant and comfortable sprang-woven seat.
Nicamaka is proud to offer our quality hammocks with your company's custom printed name and logo. Customization is expertly screened onto cross-woven loomed fabric in your choice of colors. All custom hammocks are packaged in a clear vinyl zippered bag.

Customized hammocks are a clever and unique way to showcase your company - as a promotional tool, company or event gift - whatever.

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