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Fiberbuilt® Umbrellas Bend BUT DO NOT BREAK in winds up to 50MPH!

Fiberbuilt® Fiberglass-Ribbed Umbrellas
Fiberbuilt® Umbrellas are beautiful, durable, and the perfect choice for use in high-wind areas.

Fiberbuilt® Umbrellas feature patented fiberglass support “RIBS” which bend but do not break! Unlike traditional metal and wood ribs, these fiberglass ribs are strong and resilient - bending and flexing to absorb wind without breaking or disfiguring in winds up to 50 mph in tests at the University of Miami. This strength, combined with an inherent resistance by the fiber teak poles to rust and corrosion results in umbrellas that last four to five times longer than traditional steel or wood ribbed umbrellas.

Fiberbuilt is so innovative some of their competitors have begun imitating them - but don't be fooled by the imitation. Fiberbuilt is the real deal in umbrella strength!

• Fiberglass-Ribbed Patio, Beach & Market Umbrellas by FiberBuilt® • Bend Do Not Break • Sunbrella® - Textilene - Olefin Fabrics •

All Fiberbuilt Umbrellas are made to order and shipping time varies. Call for Fiberbuilt Umbrella Discounts at 866-377-1224.

Available in: 7.5', 9’ Beach/Patio Umbrellas 7.5', 9' and 11' Market Umbrellas

All Fiberbuilt® Umbrellas come with a 3 year warranty.

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