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Nicamaka Spreader Bolster 5" x 32"

Nicamaka Spreader Bolster
Nicamaka Spreader Bolster
Item# 8055
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The Nicamaka Spreader Bolster is comfortable enough to use as a pillow while functioning to open up bar-less hammocks, increasing their stability.

The original Nicamaka spreader bolster was a foam cylinder covered with a drawstring cover. This bolster worked well for hammock display, but was uncomfortable when used as a pillow. NicamakaŽ has developed a new 5" x 32" bolster with a fiberfill core which is now softer and far less bouncy and stiff, functioning more like a comfortable pillow.

Bolsters are available in a variety of colors and come with a drawstring cover. The following shows the available bolster colors along with pillow/bolster sets.

Pillow/Bolster Set - Ecru Chenille
Ecru Chenille
Pillow/Bolster Set - Fiesta Stripes
Fiesta Stripes
Pillow/Bolster Set -  Green Chenille
Green Chenille
Pillow/Boster Set - Blue/Yellow Pinstripes
Blue/Yellow Pinstripes