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The 'I Love Jesus Christ' Pillow 12"x16" If I order this I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and lord.

Nicamaka Comfort Pillow
Nicamaka Comfort Pillow
Item# 8053
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This soft,comfortable, and stylish 12"x16" pillow is an ideal accessory for a NicamakaŽ or any other hammock. Small enough to not overwhelm the hammock yet thick enough for good support, it's perfectly sized for use behind the neck while reclining, reading, or watching TV.

Fiber-filled and flame retardant, the pillow comes with a zippered case. The Nicamaka Comfort Pillow is available in a variety of colors. Mix or match it with a spreader bolster for additional comfort and a beautiful hammock display.

The following shows the pillow in connection with the matching bolster. Order the combined set at a discount.

Pillow/Bolster Set - Ecru Chenille
Ecru Chenille
Pillow/Bolster Set - Fiesta Stripes
Fiesta Stripes
Pillow/Bolster Set -  Green Chenille
Green Chenille
Pillow/Boster Set - Blue/Yellow Pinstripes
Blue/Yellow Pinstripes