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Sarka 500 Sq. In. Pedestal Grill - Natural Gas

Sarka 500 Sq. In. Pedestal Grill - Natural Gas
Sarka 500 Sq. In. Pedestal Grill - Natural Gas
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Enjoy grilling with the most refined and versatile gas grill ever built, the Sarka Grill. The unique design of the Sarka deep polygon shaped grill body combined with the exclusive V-ribbed grill catch pan creates uniform heat flow around the bottom, sides and top of the cooking grate surface. And, Sarka Grills eliminate flare-ups since there is no fat-to-flame contact between grate surface and burner. The convection heat generated at the catch pan sizzles and vaporizes the juices and fat, adding a truly savory outdoor barbeque flavor to your food.

Forget about BTU's! With the Sarka Grill we're talking HEAT! Some no-flare grills want you to cook slowly. They know that at 375 degrees, there will probably never be a flare-up. We want you to grill at normal temperatures, which means between 400-560 degrees, because we have designed the Sarka Grill to perform best at these temperatures. Grease vaporizing in the grill is what gives grilled feed its distinct flavor.

Convection type grilling is becoming the cooking method of choice for people who appreciate flavorful and juicy food. With typical grilling the flames dry out the foods. With the convection method, the food is cooked evenly from all four sides. This seals in the natural juices and flavor of whatever you cook. Convection cooking also eliminates the need of a rotisserie and gives you the same effects as you would get from searing your food.

All Sarka grills are constructed from 100% 304 Stainless Steel, the ultimate in corrosion resistant steel. Sarka Grills have no cheap plastics or coated components to wear out or break.

Rotary state-of-the-art ignition system means, "starts every time".

All Sarka Grills carry an amazing 25 year warranty! The best warranty for the toughest built in the business. This will likely be the last grill you will ever buy.