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Hammocks From China, Colombia, Mexico & USA

Cross-woven fabric units from Colombia and China, sprang-woven nylon "Mayan" hamacas from Mexico, rope, mesh and quilted hammocks from the USA. Also parachute cloth camping hammocks and padded canvas chairs.

Hammocks without spreader bars are safer, more comfortable and easier to use both outdoors and indoors - great for lofts! When used indoors they also function as spare guest room beds, bunk beds for the kids, reading or TV chairs for all, and even nursing recliners for new mothers.

Hammocks with spreader bars are primarily used outdoors as the bars create difficulties in moving and are a nuisance around furniture and glass patio or balcony doors. The least comfortable and safe rope/bar hammocks function well as landscape props. If the hammock is used in a low-attach hammock stand, spreader bars are necessary to hold it open when pulled tightly in the stand.

All hammocks, with or without spreader bars, are safer and more comfortable when hung high at the ends to make a "smiley-face" profile.