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Official Skum Stage Backdrop Free Shipping!

Official Skum Stage Backdrop
Official Skum Stage Backdrop
Item# skum-003
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Sale price: $299.00
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Not for the casual fan. No this is for the big boys! The ones who can't wait to see the film!

Why not own the exact same backdrop that the band uses on the road and that can be seen in the upcoming film "Skum Rocks!"?

Made from 600 Denier and a full color print that makes the other bands look like posers, the official Skum Stage Backdrop is for you.

Great for the garage, office or man cave that wants to shout out "I'm a fan and proud of it!"

Be the envy of your friends or just own a collectors item that will triple in value over the years!

Free shipping to anywhere in the world and we mean anywhere. So the fans in eastern Europe fret not! This is for you as well!

Custom backdrops available. Call 866-377-1224 for more info.