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Which Net Is Right For You?

Which Net Do You Need?
There are many different types of mosquito nets, each performing a certain function. It's important to ask "What will I be using this mosquito net for" prior to making a purchase.

INDOOR BED CANOPY MOSQUITO NETS: The most popular of all mosquito nets is the four point canopy style net that covers the bed on all four sides. These nets attach to the ceiling or to bedposts and have four overlapping side openings. While these nets do provide mosquito protection, they are used primarily for decor, adding an element of glamour and intrigue to most any setting.

Canopy Style Nets Feature:

*Available in sizes to fit any size bed

*Offered in a variety of colors

*Available with or without overlapping panels

*Available in different netting fabrics

*Available in different levels of mosquito protection

*Available in different attachment points

*Available in styles designed for easy pack and travel

Nicamakaís Ready Net has a pop out steel ring and no side opening, allowing one to be completely enclosed, and the edges can either drape onto the floor or be tucked under the mattress. This is a great item for travelers.


Camping nets come in a variety of sizes, protection levels, and set-up options. Before deciding on a net, you should ask the following questions:

If using the nets outdoors:

How much protection will I need? Am I going to a high threat area?

Itís better to have too much protection than not enough! No -See- Um Nets

How many people will use the net?

Will I use it with a cot or sleeping bag?

Will there be a be an overhang available for attachment?

Will there be no place to attach (such as the beach or desert)?

With Indoor or Sheltered Camping, you may have the option of using a 4, 2 or 1 point net as well.

If you have access to trees, a line can be run between them allowing you to use any of the Nicamaka Camperís nets or the T-1 or T-03. The T-01 and T-03 are the only suspended nets on the market that have a floor, so these are an excellent choice if you are sleeping on the open ground. This keeps out not only mosquitoes but ticks, which can cause Lyme disease, but other crawling insects.

POP-UP NETS are for use in an area where there is no place to hang a net. The best self supported mosquito tent is the Tropic Screen Room, which is large enough to fit a cot or two people. This has a sealed floor and is entered through a zippered door. (This is a favorite net of the military).

NO SEE UM MOSQUITO NETS offer the ultimate in non-treated net protection. With 520 holes per square inch, this material offers the utmost in mosquito and no-see-um protection as the netting is so fine, even the smallest of creatures can not penetrate.

UMBRELLA/GAZEBO NETS: This type of mosquito net is used in situations where there is no screened patio. The Umbrella Mosquito Net simply goes around the umbrella, creating a mini enclosure.

There are nets with zippered doors which allow for easy in and out access. Other nets require you raise the netting to enter. The top has a drawstring opening that allows the umbrella to go through the top, letting the net to fall down around the umbrella. The base is weighted down with a water or sand tube that can be filled if needed in windy conditions.

SPECIALTY NETS are designed for a multitude of uses.

Strollers, Cribs, Bassinets

For Use with Ceiling Fans

For use on your Head and face

LARGE AREA NETS can provide protection while using your carport, deck or patio

TREATED NETS offer additional PROTECTION IN HIGH RISK AREAS by adding mosquito-killing insecticide to the fabric.

Protect against the annoyance and danger from mosquitoes and other insects that carry diseases such as West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Malaria and Encephalitis. Find the one that fits yours needs and use it. All Mosquito nets arrive ready for immediate use.

Mosquito nets are a vital part of any travel or summer camp kit, allowing you the comfort of knowing a protected night's sleep is in the bag.

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