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Siam Decorative Bed Canopy Bed Canopy & Mosquito Net

Siam Bed Canopy  / Mosquito Net
Siam Bed Canopy / Mosquito Net
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Siam Bed Canopy  / Mosquito Net
The Siam Mosquito Net/Bed Canopy is as decorative as it is functional. This diaphanous bed canopy will decorate bed and bedroom with its flowing, sheer netting. But this mosquito netting is not limited to use just over beds. The Siam can also be used over porch tables and chairs, jacuzzis and hot tubs!

Suspended by a single hook (included), the Siam Bed Canopy is spread at the top with a 25" plastic hoop. Made from 100% knitted polyester. Height is 8' to fit under a normal ceiling.

Base circumference: 36 feet (Fits all size beds and futons) Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Choose from a variety of colors: White, Black, Ivory, Coffee, or Ruby Wine.

The hot-tub scene shows a fringed hoop cover which is not currently available.

Please review our Return Policy for bed nettings in the Information section before ordering.