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Mosquito Net Tips for Travel

Mosquito Net Tips for Travel
Mosquito Netting Tips

There is nothing more irritating on safari than having a mosquito buzzing around your head while you are trying to sleep. Mosquito netting not only keeps them away so that you can get a peaceful nights sleep but also protects you from the threat of malaria.

They should be used in conjunction with mosquito repellents and anti malaria tablets to form an effective deterrent against the insects on safari.

Most safari companies do have mosquito nets installed in the accommodation they provide for their guests so make sure you check with them first if you are planning on buying one for your trip.

But not all accommodation in Africa has them and if you are going to be spending time before or after your safari it might be a good idea to have one handy.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best available

Types of Mosquito Netting They generally come in four different shapes and sizes.

Dome net - Smallest and self supporting so excellent for backpackers. Tropic Screen Room, Shanhai Bed Tent

Wedge net - Very space efficient and requires between one and three support points. Suitable for people changing location often. T-01, T-03, Trailblazer

Bell net - Makes use of a single support and spreader to increase space inside. Reasonably heavy and often used in permanent locations. Ready Net, Ready Net No See Um

Rectangular or Box net - The heaviest but also has the largest volume for improved air circulation and coolness. Multiple support points and not portable. Campers Net Single, Campers Net Double, Campers Net Square, Shenzhen Travelers, Shenzhen Functional, Manila No See Um, Manila No See Um Functional.

Fabrics And Mesh Sizes: Mosquito netting is normally constructed from nylon, polyester or less commonly cotton because it has a low resistance to damp and mould and less tear strength.

196 hols is the standard size of mosquito netting, and this is good when dealing with mosquitoes. However, if traveling to an area that has No See Um's or Sand Fleas, it is imperative that one uses No See Um netting. Otherwise the trip will be marred by these small flesh eating insects.

Nylon and polyester is ideal because it is light, damp resistant, has a high tear strength and holds Permethrin treatment well so make sure your choice is of one of these fabrics.

Different nets have different hole sizes and that determines the size of the insects that can be kept out and the airflow inside the net and therefore the temperature. Larger mesh sizes will mean cooler sleeping but will possibly let it more insects.

The space inside the mosquito netting will also affect your level of comfort and the temperature. More space in the box and bell nets mean lower temperatures and improved airflow.

Recommended Mosquito Netting: The Nicamak mosquito netting range range has all the necessary characteristics required to provide excellent comfort and protection against mosquitoes.