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Laminated Cypress Arc Hammock Stand Free Shipping

Laminated Cypress Arc Hammock Stand
Laminated Cypress Arc Hammock Stand
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Laminated Cypress Arc Hammock Stand
The graceful laminated cypress hammock stand is an eye catching way to utilize spreder bar hammocks. The architecture and smooth arcing curves lend this stand a unique combination of strength, simplicity and beauty.

This stand typifies the classic American Hammock design. Strong, bold yet gorgeous in nature. There are six main beams including two center beams, two riser beams and 2 leg beams. Each end riser section attaches between the two center beams with two galvanized bolts. Assembly is a breeze. And soon, you will be relaxing in one, a breeze that is! Soon, you are ready to hang your hammock in the stand and relax. Which is what it is all about anyway, relaxing.

The wood is four-ply unfinished natural cypress. You may wish to treat your stand once per year with a water repellent to preserve the beautiful yellow color of cypress. If untreated the wood also turns to an equally beautiful gray and hardens for long wear. Cypress was selected as the all around best wood for outdoor use. It will withstand even the harshest of environments. The stand measures 15.5 ft when fully assembled and will accommodate all Rope, Fabric and Nicamaka Large Playa Hammocks.

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