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FIM Flexy Cantilever Umbrella 10' x 10' Free Shipping! Call for Dealer Discounts

FIM Flexy Cantilever Umbrella 10' x 10'
FIM Flexy Cantilever Umbrella 10' x 10'
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FIM Flexy Cantilever Umbrella 10' x 10'
A uniquely clean, sleek contemporary look combined with commercial grade durability make this the premium choice for large outdoor spaces.

Hassle-free string operated opening and closing, canopy tilts both backward and forward Canopy Dimension: Width 8ft, length from 10ft to 16ft in 2ft increments. Dual carrier posts available for clean, continuous length installations Frame: silver powder-coated aluminum Style: market style only

Sizes: 10' x 10', 10' x 12', 10' x 14', 10' x 16'

Available with included ground insert or deck mount plates:

-Deck Mount Plate DMT16: A 16" diameter coated steel plate to be bolted to an existing solid surface.

-Ground Insert Base GIB: A sleeve to be poured into concrete for permanent installation. This has the smallest possible footprint of all bases

A freestanding offset base is available at additional cost.

-Freestanding Offset Base FSB/OS24: Aluminum frame design to accept readily available 24"x24" concrete pavers for ballast. Minimum weight needed is 400lbs per side