Nicamaka® Ultra Large Family Indoor & Outdoor Hammocks Hamacas From Nicaragua at
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"Family" Ultra-Large Nicamaka® Hammock - Solid & Bi-Colors
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Nicamaka® Ultra Large "Family" Sprang-Woven Hammocks - Factory Dyed Color Yarns 
Family Nicamaka® Imported Hammocks

The "Family" Ultra Large Nicamaka®  sprang-weave hammocks are our largest and most luxurious models for those who truly understand comfort, understated elegance and relaxation. These solid & bi-color Nicaraguan hammocks have hand-crocheted fringed coverlet borders that provide an interesting path-of-vision from the hammock bed to floor treatments. Softly decorate your home and grounds with comfortable and safe relaxation. Hammock's hanging Length - 15' (4.8M); Bed Length - 9' (2.8M); Weight - 11# (5K).

Red/Green Holiday Family Nicamaka® Hammock.

Nicamaka® Sprang-Woven hammocks/hamacas  products start with high-quality imported polyester, polycotton or cotton factory dyed, garment-quality yarns that artisans twist into cords, sprang-weave the cords into transverse stretch beds, crochet the side coverlet  borders and then perform all of the adjustment, detail & finish work by hand. These are the largest Nicaraguan hammocks on today's market. 
More Information On Nicamaka® Sprang Weave Process

Family Models - Some Available Colors and Yarns - Clickable Thumbnails
Click - Large View Family Ecru Hammocks "Family" Melange-Tomato  Nicamaka® Imported Nicaraguan Hammock Click - Large View Click - Large View Family Burgundy Hammock/Hamaca Click - Large View Family Hammocks "Family" Melange Palm Nicamaka®

Add convenient Install Kit to facilitate use, unique pillows or bolsters to complete a beautiful setting.. Place attach points inside and out to expand use. Not for use in low-attach, up-from-floor hammock stands.  Install Kits can be added with a discount at order below. Pillows and bolsters can be added with discount at Shopping Cart & Checkout.                        For Hanging Schematic

Kit for Wood Structure - Instructions, 2-each 3/8" lagscrew eye bolts, 2-each 0.305" S hooks, and 2-each 10'-pieces of 1/4" polyester adjusting rope.  • Kit for Concrete Structure - Instructions, 2-each 3/8" machine thread eye bolts, 2-each Hilti concrete anchors, 2-each 0.305" S hooks, and 2-each 10'-pieces of 1/4" polyester adjusting rope.  • Tree Hugger Kit - Set of "Tree Hugger"™ straps, 2-each 0.305" S hooks, and 2-each 10'-pieces of 1/4" polyester adjusting rope