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Coolaroo 14' x 12' Aluminum Gazebo Best Buy

Coolaroo 14' x 12' Aluminum Gazebo
Coolaroo 14' x 12' Aluminum Gazebo
Item# 313371
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Coolaroo 14' x 12' Aluminum Gazebo
Coolaroo 14' x 12' Aluminum Gazebo is made from Coolaroo's Unique Fabric with Colorfast. Coolaroo Gazebos are made with a stylish design for practical use as well as fashionably popular. Only Coolaroo gazebos are made with the unique fabric that blocks out harmful UV rays while still allowing cooling breezes to pass through and refresh.

These are ideal gazebos for the backyard or deck area, and make an excellent addition to any outdoor party or function.

90% UV Protection Coolaroo Gazebos are designed to block 90% of dangerous UV rays - 100% would create a stifling heat trap, reducing the air flow. Also Coolaroo Gazebos are far superior to cheaper alternatives with solid fabric and plastic covers which quickly break down in harsh weather conditions.

Peak height is 9'2'' and the total shade area is 170 square feet. Includes Carry Bag and Anchoring System.

Camel color only.