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Buckyroo Pillows for Children

Buckyroo™ Pillows
Buckyroo™ Pillows
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From ages 2-10, every kid deserves a Buckyroo!

Three fleece prints with kid appeal! Now Buckyroo™ and Bucky Junior extend Bucky’s® legendary natural comfort to kids, and make wonderful gifts for boys and girls alike.

Squishy soft and huggable, Buckyroo’s™ natural millet hull filling adjusts easily for cozy comfort. Snuggle up anywhere, anytime…at home, school, or on the go. Buckyroo™ makes naptime easy & fun. Snuggle up anywhere, anytime… at home, pre-school, or in the car.

Silky soft premium millet-hull filling. Washable cover. 10" x 14" 1-lb. 8oz. T750 Fleece Prints: Plaid, Daisy, Planes