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Roman 7.5' Sierra Fir - Layered

Roman 7.5'  Sierra Fir - Layered
Roman 7.5' Sierra Fir - Layered
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Roman 7.5'  Sierra Fir - Layered
The Roman 7.5' Sierra Fir - Layered is a lusiously thick Pre-lit Christmas Tree with extra long dark green needles, extra long branches and a traditioanl shape. The extra long branches open up the tree allowing space for all your Christmas ornaments. Manufactured by Roman Inc., this commercial grade 7.5' Layer tree has a 67" Base Width and 1000 Twist-Proof clear Lamps. 2340 dark green tips adorn the tree, making this foliage seem so life like it will make your Christmas holiday extra special. Includes the Metal Stand for easy set up and all the lamps are locked in the sockets and can't come loose. At the same time, lamps are easy to remove when a change is neeeded. For added security, our lamps are virtually twist proof. All lights are UL listed for your safety.

All lghts are distributed evenly on every tree branch. The dense foliage, made of fade- and crush- resistant PVC needles, appears fresh-cut, alive and very real. The branch tips are sculpted to enahnce the trees' lifelike appearance. All the materials are flame-retardant. Sturdy bases and trunk, makes the Sierra Fir Christmas Tree planted in an upright position.

Create the perfect Christmas ambiance day and night with the Sierra Layer Fir.

When the holiday's are over, simple pack away until next year. Tree will last for years!